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golie, wall art


A digital artist bridging the worlds of photography and travel to create visual memories as art. The threads of my artistic passion were sown at the age of 10, igniting a light that continues to shine brightly today. My passions for art and photography are woven into my creative tapestry, interlaced with the threads of exploration and discovery through my lens.

In my early 20s, I began my travels, navigating the world as a young adult. An innate desire emerged throughout my travels, compelling me to seize the magnificence of the locations I captured and translate them into a medium to be shared with an appreciative audience in the form of art. My sheer gratitude for the experiences life granted me and an insatiable desire to share these remarkable narratives drove me to carve the path as a storyteller of visual impressions.

In the pivotal year of 2010, with courage as my compass, I took on a transformational journey, trading a familiar and conventional career for an uncharted, unique artistic career in digital art. Translating my travel escapades into visual artistry became a way to bridge my aspirations and connect with an audience that resonates with my vision. This leap enabled me to feed my creative spirit while allowing me the freedom to traverse the globe and add to my life's portfolio. Over the years, my creative career flourished into what is now a full-service art consulting business alongside a like-minded business partner who has been a big part of my career growth through our partnership.


The reality I now inhabit surpasses the wildest dreams of my youth, proving that the improbable is indeed attainable.  Granting me remarkable opportunities, allowing me to paint life's canvas with limitless possibilities one image at a time.




Public & Corporate Exhibits

Full Service Art Consulting

Art & Design Consultation

Wall Covering & Murals


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